About Highland

“kau to HIGHLAND” is currently the only mansion houses project at the hilltop area of Kau To, 20 villas stand along the mountain, each of them sees the stunning views of Shatin Racecourse and the wide scenery of Kau To Shan; each villa of “kau to HIGHLAND” owns an individual street number, showcasing the nobility rarely seen at traditional luxury residential projects, as if a name for the prominent and exceptional status.

The photograph was taken on 14 September 2014 at 39 Lai Ping Road and has been edited by computerized imaging techniques, including photo merging, color sharpening and size cropping and is provided for reference only. The view is affected by the house’s height, orientation and surrounding building and environment and is not applicable to all houses, and the surrounding building and environment will change with time. The view shall not constitute and shall not be construed as any offer, promise, representation or warranty, whether expressed or implied by the Vendor.
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